Committed giving


£3 A MONTH funds special education sessions to prepare a child for life outside the straitjacket of disability. They learn the basic skills of daily living, bathing, eating meals on their own, learning to hold spoons and cups, utensils and finally a pencil.

£5 A MONTH will provide a free nutritious meal every day for two malnourished children. Ishrat was a frail paper doll when she came to us, aged 10. Her father explained that they had no money even for food. Now Ishrat wins running races at national level.

£7.50 A MONTH pays for a child’s speech therapy training. Abdullah couldn’t speak. At Chingari he began to improve and learned to say ‘pa’. ‘Pa-pa.’. His father was so overjoyed that he came to thank the staff. And learned that his son had just eaten three bowls of rice pudding.

£10 A MONTH covers all the costs of one child’s physiotherapy. Shyam Babu is a brave little lad who refuses to let his shaky legs prevent him from doing a paper round, walking 4 miles every day. So far he has managed to save up 1,000 rupees, equivalent to about £11.

£15 A MONTH means that two children and their mums who otherwise would not be able to come to the children’s centre can be picked up from home every day and dropped back again in a safe, comfortable minibus. Minakshi and other children from Oriya Basti rely on this service.

£20 A MONTH would pay for the maintenance of our ‘garden of senses’ which is planted with roses, jasmines and other scented flowers, and with aromatic plants to help stimulate the senses of sensory deprived children. Rupesh, until his death, was one such child.

OTHER AMOUNTS. We paid £1,700 for corrective surgery to repair cricket-lover Zaid’s spine, but a minor operation to free webbed fingers can cost as little as £100 and change a child’s life.

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We are grateful for every gift and as representatives of some of the poorest people on earth know very well that your support is a treasure whose value cannot be measured in money.