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FUNDRAISE to support our medical work. If you’d like help organising a concert, jumble sale, charity bazaar, cup-cake party or other fundraising event please contact our office on 01273 603278. We can offer advice supporting material.

VOLUNTEER in Brighton or Bhopal. Please click the links for full information from

RUN FOR THEIR LIVES.  The Bhopal Medical Appeal has charity places in the 2013 Brighton Marathon. We ask you to raise £500 in sponsorship. We also have places available in the British London 10K Run which takes place in July 2013. For more information about either event or to sign up please email


The story of the Bhopal survivors’ three-decade quest for health, justice and a life of dignity has the power to unleash huge energies for compassionate change into the world. Please help make it happen.

that the Bhopal Marathon with sources is available at Please spread this url through the social media and every other possible means. Many of the stories are so truly hard to believe that we have backed up everything we can with primary source documents, news-cuttings and photographs, many never before published. Where a story touches Union Carbide and Dow Chemical, we’ve preferred to tell it using their own public statements and private documents.

2. GIVE OR LEND your printed copy to someone else if you don’t want it, or if you have finished with it.

3. PLEASE ORDER COPIES to give to friends, your local library, newspaper, TV or radio station, or to schools and universities. We will supply these at no cost, but you can also sponsor copies.

4. WRITE A LETTER TO YOUR MP. We are planning to send a copy of the Bhopal Marathon to every MP. If you write a letter and post or email it to us, we will include it with the report.

5. SPONSOR A PRINTED COPY. We would ask you primarily to support the medical work with a regular gift or a one-off donation (using the Donate button at right), but if in addition you would like to sponsor one or more copies of The Bhopal Marathon at £3 a copy, please tick the relevant box in the form, and return this page in the pre-paid envelope provided. The printing and postage costs of the Bhopal Marathon are entirely funded by generous sponsors to conserve our medical funds. We kept the cost down by doing as much as possible ourselves: research, interviews, materials, photographs, writing, design and editing. It won’t win any glossiness awards and some of the pictures are technically not very good, but they are all real and in some cases are the only surviving photographs of certain events. To sponsor one or more copies please contact our office on 01273 603278, email