A powerful response

The Bhopal Marathon report began going out last week to friends and supporters of the Bhopal Medical Appeal in the UK. The early response has been very powerful and heartwarming.

If you would like a printed copy of the Bhopal Marathon, please contact us

Publishing and postage of the print edition was paid for by generous sponsors in order to spare us the cost and conserve our fund for medical work in Bhopal. The printed report is free, but we welcome donations to the medical fund. You can donate from this website, or at the donations page on the Bhopal Medical Appeal website.

Read the e-version of the report here on a computer, tablet or smartphone.

The printed version has six pages of footnotes, referring to sources and documents. All onward links to sources, and to the source documents themselves will be available from this site. Many of these have never before been made public. This work is in progress and will take a few more days to complete, but we are making what is so far there public from today.

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